NO to the Nazi office In Brussels

dscf9351A European alliance of nationalist parties, Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), just opened a locale in Brussels (22 Square de Meeûs, Ixelles). This alliance gathers the worst Nazi and Fascist elements you can find in Europe. The organizations composing the APF (Golden Dawn [GR], Forza Nuova [IT], Democracia Nacional [SP], NPD [GE]), Nation [BE], etc.) and their leaders have blood on their hands. They don’t hesitate to assault – and sometimes assassinate – those who do not correspond to their social project or who dare oppose it: assault of migrants and beat-down of the homeless in Luxembourg Square (Nation, European Quarter, Brussels). In Greece, Golden Dawn is illustrated by its attacks lead against workers on strike, self-organized hospitals and migrant housing, as well as the murder of at least a dozen migrants and of the Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas in 2013.

It is thanks to the 600 000 € donation from the European Parliament that Golden Dawn and its allies could open new premises in Brussels. Those are headquartered, and the activities are public. This means that the building’s owner must be aware of the Nazi inclinations of his/her new renters, which does not seem to disturb him/her, just as the communal authorities.

It is obvious that the far right doesn’t have a monopoly on racism, sexism and authoritarianism in our European societies. However, the far right’s influence on current political debate is undeniable. In parallel to its direct actions and violence, it distils its ideas within society, rendering them more audible and more acceptable for a growing part of the political and economic establishment.

In order to fight against the far right’s spread across Brussels and Belgium in general, we’ve decided to launch a mobilization campaign with the objective of shutting down the premises. We refuse to wait for a tragedy to occur in our city. We will not allow them to establish themselves in our neighborhoods. We will, never again, give them the opportunity to apply their ideology.